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got scared; lie thought the Indians wanted the
ammunition so that they could attack the fort at
the post. He walked over to a big pile of black,
shiny stuff,, and he picked up a handful of it and
held it out to our chief and said through the

TDo you know what this is?'

Our chief said, 'No, what's that stuff?'

'That's gunpowder/ said the trader*

'Gunpowder?' queried our chief.

'Yes, gunpowder. Make sure of it; feel of it,'
he said, handing it to the chief.

The chief held out his two hands and it was
poured into his palms. As he stood there looking
at it, the trader said3 pointing to the huge pile of
powder on the floor:

^That's quite a lot of powder; isn't it?3

The chief nodded his head.                       ;

"You know that one inch of powder will kill a
deer; don't you?5


'Well, you can imagine what would happen
if I should set that whole pile off. And that
is what I am going to do if you try to start any
trouble—I'll give one shot and kill the whole
crowd 1*

'TsumahtsJ said the chief* looking at the inter-

What did he say?3 asked the trader.